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  1. I heard the other day, the 2016 election was about how far as woman would be allowed to go and how much a (privileged white) man would be allowed to get away with. Same chapter, another verse.

  2. This is powerful. It also reminds me of this piece from Facebook last week:

    "Larisa Alexandrovna Horton

    "September 28 at 9:14 AM · 

    "I think understand now why I am so upset about this case. I tried to sleep last night and all I kept thinking is why are they trying to "ram him" through despite the majority of the country and the majority of women saying "no," and "please stop," and "wait"…. and in that very question I found the answer. It was so simple and so alarming.

    "They are literally playing out on the national stage and in real time what it feels like to be overpowered. They won't take no for an answer. They won't listen or slow down. They won't stop. The more we say no, the more angry they get. The more we ask them to stop, the more entitled they feel. This is, I think, is what is affecting me and countless other women.

    "We are being overpowered despite us being in the majority and asking rightfully that they stop or wait. They are saying no and the more we beg, the more aggressive they are getting. Until finally, they plan on "ramming" through his nomination while we are supposed to just take it.

    "This is what is affecting me. This is – I think – what is affecting most women. This overpowering, entitled and demeaning attack on our body politic.

    "Us: Please stop
    Them: No
    Us: Wait
    Them: No
    Us: STOP
    Us: Crying
    Them: Angry, yelling, ramming

    "This is why I am upset."

    -Larisa Alexandrovna – Copyrighted 2018

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