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Tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the World War I Armistice. Many world leaders are gathered for the observervance. Guess which pathetic weenie wouldn’t take his fat ass out in the rain for a scheduled wreath laying at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial, and canceled? All the other heads of state went ahead with scheduled wreath-layings.

This just in — Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner on Saturday ordered machine recounts in three statewide elections – U.S. Senate, governor and agriculture commissioner. You can follow the ongoing vote counts in Florida, Georgia and Arizona at the New York Times. See also The Arizona, Florida, and Georgia election recounts, explained.

California is on fire again; nine people, so far, are dead. Trump threatens to withhold fire aid because he thinks the fire is the state’s fault.

Remember the caravan? Republicans, apparently, don’t; they stopped talking about it as soon as the midterms were over. But 5,600 troops are still stuck on the border, living in tents.

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11 thoughts on “Stuff Going On

  1. Journalist Don Lemon asked which “caravan” the Thousand Oaks shooter belonged to. None, obviously.

    But, the only people taken in by that were the losers dumb enough to vote for Trump because he’s Trump in the first place (as opposed to the “hold your nose” Republicans. The caravan was BS from day one. That said, the media could have done a better job with the story. Given there was news value at all, there was zero reason to cover it after the first day, just as there was zero reason to cover Clinton’s email after Comey said he’d found nothing amiss in June 2016. I wasn’t watching CNN or MSNBC, but if I were covering the “caravan”, the way *I* would do it would be to interview some nice, wholesome, sympathetic folk seeking asylum in the group to illustrate how ludicrous it was for Trump to be wetting his boxers in terror. People wonder how it is we didn’t take more Jews in the 1930’s; because when there’s rot at the top, people die.

  2. Trump's laying low. According to the Kremlin, he's got a meeting with Vlad, which Trump denies. We only find out about this stuff through Russian media. I think he's trying to be invisible for awhile.

    Ballots are still being counted in California. Dana Rorabacher ("Russia backer") appears to be going down, not yet confirmed.

  3. Oh, if only Mark Twain were alive to write about tRUMP's and his team's trip to Europe.

    He'd title his work:  'Deplorables Abroad.'

    What did the Europeans do to deserve this Orangepox contagion to fall upon their lands?


  4. Moonbat – I think Trump is in Europe to get instructions from his Lord & Master, Darth Putin. "What is thy bidding, my Master?"

    The second reason is to lay low after getting his ass kicked in the election. The final total may be 37 House seats, a record you have to go back to just post-Watergate to equal. And that with  strong economic and jobs numbers. 

    Replacing Sessions with a toadie might not be working too well. Even pundits at Fox are suggesting it might not be legal. It also seals any doubt anyone has about Obstruction of Justice. The guy's a grifter whose former company was shut down for fraud. 

    If Trump doesn't pull the guy now, as soon as the guy starts to take definitive action, somebody in DOJ will take AG Grifter aside and remind him that Nixon's A/G went to jail for 19 months. Second point to mention  – Trump didn't pardon Flynn, Manifort, Gates or Cohen. Loyalty is a one-way street in front of 1600 Pennsylvania.

    Recuse or pick the drapes for your room in Sing-sing. And the clown will then recuse. Trump's head will explode. 

    Gulag – if only Mark Twain or Will Rodgers was around to put a down-to-earth spin on the events of the day. I frequently feel like my comments are often too cerebral and always too lengty. Those guys could bring an idea into focus in a handful of words.

  5. Trump will antagonize California for then next two years. His only chance for re-election is if California secedes.

  6. Footage last week showed that Donald Trump can't operate an umbrella. 

    Now he refuses to go outside in the rain.

    Am I the only one seeing the connection here?

  7. Now that the election is over, it’s All Quiet on the Wingnut Front – no more bombs, murderous right wing terror attacks and the imminent arrival of the caravan, filled with scary brown people bent on killing trump supporters in their beds, has virtually disappeared.  This is how they "support the troops" by putting them on the border with nothing to do for two months, away from their families for Thanksgiving.  All for a  very costly political theater in terms of lives and dollars, orchestrated by and for Trump and the GOP, for their own failed political fortunes.  Americans lost their lives, leaders were threatened, and $200 million taxpayer dollars, wasted.  Anybody who claims to care for this country and its people should be outraged.  

    Meanwhile, the POS in Chief embarrasses us yet again in France, staying in his hotel as every other world leader visited that American cemetery, rather than risk his wig getting mussed in the windy weather.  A reporter should ask: "President" trump, were you more concerned about your toupe blowing off, exposing your bald head, than showing respect for our fallen in France?

  8. " Trump threatens to withhold fire aid because he thinks the fire is the state’s fault."

    (OC, who knows what Trump really thinks.)

    Remember the good old days before the Republicans were in charge of FEMA?

    (It was Katrina that made me an anti-Republican. Great job, indeed!)

  9. Just saw a tweet that included this:

    "If a football player kneeling during the national anthem is an act of disrespect to our military, what is it when the president of the United States refuses to go to the cemetery to honor fallen soldiers because of a little rain?"

    Pence pulling his little stunt to support this hypocrisy came to mind.

    What does this say about those “conservatives” who see Trump and Pence as leaders?

  10. Doug,

    Yeah, when I get going, I tend to be a windbag, too.

    As Shakespeare wrote:

    "Brevity is the soul of wit."

    I try to stick to that.

    But FSN knows, when I stray, I stray!


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