12 thoughts on “Nikki Haley Resigns

  1. I'm about 90 miles from the ocean, and yet I smell something really, really fishy.

    Hmm…  I wonder…

    Did she get wind of something big/bad coming, packed-up, and gotten out of Dodge?

    Also too – this resignzgion looks really bad coming right on the heels of KKKavanaugh taking his place on the SCOTUS.

  2. Dunno. She’s got some perk grifting —travel— but I doubt that’s it. Maybe it’s just thankless to try to do diplomacy when “Bolton gonna be Bolton”, not to mention the other four-plus morons, Trump, Pence, Pompey, and Miller (the anti-Semitic Semite— which, I guess, tells you a lot…). The clown car ain’t big enough; they need a “clown bus”.

  3. She wants to spend more time with family.  Wait… that's when it's either quit or be fired.  She wants to spend more time with sanity? 

  4. Because she's planning to run for president in 2024. Here's how it's going to work: Trump is going to get rid of Sessions. Graham is going to replace Sessions. (which explains his recent actions as auditions) This will leave a seat open in South Carolina. The Republican governor will replace Graham with Haley. That will give her a seat for two years, only to run in 2020. That will bump up her CV for a run in 2024.

  5. chris …That's an interesting theory. It sounds extremely plausible. Especially the part about Graham replacing Sessions.

  6. I've heard (from Hillary Clinton on Rachel Maddow some weeks ago) that there will be a large exodus of people working for Trump after the mid-terms. You wouldn't think this would include the UN Ambassador…

  7. I'm inclined to agree with GULAG. Haley has a whiff of what may emerge from the Mueller Report. Trump is going to deny everything (duh) and he will demand all his people rally round regardless of the evidence. That's a lose-lose situation. If Trump goes down the drain, and you've hitched your political future to his…. you may have to work for a living. On the other hand, if you make a measured response, "I want to see how the evidence stands up in court." Trump will try to destroy you for disloyalty. 

    Haley is getting out of the situation in advance, just before the you-know-what hits the fan. Mark her as a savvy politician. The timing may be very smart.

  8. I'm with gulag and doug. Rats deserting sinking ship.

    Will he leave UN Ambassador post unfilled? Or find someone _really_ maga to fill it?

    As for the Perjuring Jurist; the orange conman needs a judge in his pocket, the dirtier the better, to ease control. Never mind the sex assaults; K's perjury is easily proven, and a definite career-ender, unlike mere rape. One day Trump will mention to K that he could switch off K's career like a lightbulb, unless such-and-so. I say that we should reach for the lightswitch after the blue wave, and save K the wait.


  9. I think Chris's theory makes perfect sense. She seems to have presidential ambitions, otherwise why would she join the trump shit show? Miss Lindsey said firing Sessions was a red line up and until about three months ago, then all the sudden he says tRump is "entitled" to an AG he is comfortable with, ever since he's been doing some serious ass-kissing. So yeah that would work out nicely for her, governor, UN ambassador, Senator, why she'd be as qualified as Hillary!

    • Right now, I’d say anything is possible. Nikki Haley isn’t stupid, even if she is right-wing. Something is going on.

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