What I Think of the Current News Cycle


The Creature just screwed the planet by announcing he is dumping the Iran deal, and Eric Schneiderman resigned as AG of New York after sexual assault allegations.

There is no way the first item won’t made the world worse instead of better. The second may or may not be a problem, depending on who gets put into Schneiderman’s place. May I suggest … a woman? Someone who is up to speed on Michael Cohen and the Kushner Company?

13 thoughts on “What I Think of the Current News Cycle

  1. So Trump shit-cans a deal with Iran carefully negotiated over years by us and our allies but he's sent his buffoon SOS to N.Korea to broker a deal in "the next couple of weeks"! This should turn out well. What a fucking imbecile!

  2. Months ago I read a critique that Trump believes negotiations begin after the contract is signed. The contractors he's cheated can explain how that works – he promises what they want, gets what he wants and then doesn't pay the agreed fee, but leverages the debt to negotiate a new agreement.

    This worked in NYC when Trump could outspend the competition in court, driving up the cost of litigation. Not happening here. The main thing Tehran wanted from the US, they got. Unilateral sanctions won't bring them back to renegotiate the deal when the rest of the world is willing to honor the deal. That's if Tehran wants to stay in.

    If they decide that the deal is off, and they will go ahead with their bomb-building, then what? Is the rest of the world going to follow the US and punish Tehran because the US broke the contract? I'm not real confident of that. My personal guess is that Europe will tell the US: "You broke it – you bought it." 

    Bolton is almost the only person in the US who thinks the Iraq war was a success. Even Trump has called it the disaster it was. IMO, Congress will not let Trump do more than lob a few missiles at Iran – boots on the ground would be a disaster for the GOP. A "coalition" will include the Saudis or Israel but not both – and nobody else. 

    The stakes went up for Trump to hit a grand slam with N. Korea. If there's no deal, Kim will start lobbing missiles over Japan, S. Korea and over Hawaii. Kim might just force Trump into a deal that either does not include de-nuking or promises anything Trump wants without verification. Trump needs an international win VERY badly and Kim knows it. So who has the upper hand in negotiations?

    I'm going to Daily Kitten. I need it.

  3. Agreed. The Don goes into Korea talks with MUCH weaker (small-fingered) hand than he had this morning. And he doesn’t even know that; he thinks the entire planet is as mind-numbingly uninformed as his Fox-addled, geriatric base. Kim Jong Un is laughing at him right now.

  4. Schneiderman's replacement is Barbara Underwood, the former NY Solicitor General.  Don't know the players in NY state politics very well.  She did seem to say in a statement that she'd pick up where Schneiderman left off with Trump Org investigations.

  5. csm,


    And here I was, about to recommend Hillary Clinton.

    C'mon, ya gotta agree that THAT would have been one hell of a hoot!


  6. America has become a very cruel and stupid country under the Trump Administration.

  7. @  Doug

    <i>IMO, Congress will not let Trump do more than lob a few missiles at Iran</i>

    The Iranians might take that the wrong way and retaliate. They might not appreciate that it was just a face-saving gesture. 

      Iran looks to have the ability to take out much of Saudi Arabia's oil processing and shipping capacity plus a lot of infrastructure in the Eastern Province. They might throw in the UAE depending on the UAE's stance.

  8. Frankly I do not understand US politics.  It seems to me that the nuclear agreement was signed by the government of the United States of America and not by Mr. Obama as a private citizen.  So, how can Mr. Trump now, as a representative of that government renegate or violate that agreement?  It was not just a « deal » that anyone can break.  Are all agreements in the US like this?  Can tenants decide to « dump » a rental contract?   I am confused about this.  Then the US Government would have the audacity to start a « deal » with N Korea?  Another deal that could be dumped by the US later?  What type of country is this?  A country that doesn’t keep its promises? Can anyone explain this to me? My father (not an American) always told me that I should keep my word and honor my agreements.

    • Vagabonde — The answer to your question is that for the U.S., the Iran deal was an “executive agreement” and not a “treaty.” The Constitution requires that a treaty be ratified by a 2/3 vote of the Senate. An “executive agreement” is something a president can do without Senate approval. Of course, a president can also undo an executive agreement, which is what Trump just did. If the agreement had been ratified by the Senate, it’s generally understood that he would have needed the legislature to approve that, too. President didn’t get the treaty rafitied, of course, because he didn’t think Republican senators would vote for it.

  9. I guess I am going to answer my own question.  I was not brought up in this country so have not studied its history in school, but I do remember reading that most « deals » the US Government made with Native American tribes were constantly « dumped » as well, so that must be the culture here, never mind signing on the dotted line, it’s meaningless, non?

  10. Vagabonde, The answer to your question is that the Elected members of this United States Government particularly the Republican Party is one of if not the most corrupt Governments on the Planet! Perhaps only outdone in Blatant Corruption by the current Israeli regime, both have their bloody hands on renigging on this agreement.

  11. That would be sweet watching Hillary leading a chant at the Jacob Javits convention center saying….Lock him up! Lock him up!

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