Trump Is a Disease: McCabe and Russia

This was tweeted before Andrew McCabe was fired, possibly costing him his pension and proving to the world that Donald Trump is a nothing but a malicious son of a bitch. And today the SOB couldn’t keep himself from compounding the damage:

Trump is a disease. Some are trying to argue that McCabe’s firing was recommended by the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, meaning it wasn’t really a political decision, but Trump himself blew that argument out of the water with that tweet. We don’t know what the OPR’s reasons were, but nothing short of criminal activity should have cost McCabe his pension, IMO.

Here is McCabe’s statement on his firing.

This attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally, but to taint the FBI, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals more generally. It is part of this Administration’s ongoing war on the FBI and the efforts of the Special Counsel investigation, which continue to this day. Their persistence in this campaign only highlights the importance of the Special Counsel’s work.

McCabe is vowing to talk, talk, talk.  Which makes one wonder what Trump thought he was going to accomplish.

Aaron Blake at WaPo:

It’s readily apparent why getting McCabe fired might send a message that Trump likes. But might it also come back to bite Trump?

Trump has now, after all, cemented the enemy status of a top-ranking official at the FBI (its No. 2) and onetime acting director. He previously did that by firing McCabe’s superior, former FBI director James B. Comey, and Comey has rewarded that decision by leaking unhelpful things and testifying about Trump in a negative light. He is now set to release a book.

But the McCabe and Comey situations are also somewhat different. Trump arguably terminated Comey more out of fear of how he was conducting the Russia investigation; he appears to have gone after McCabe because of vendetta and possibly to send a signal to others in law enforcement who might run afoul of him. Trump’s successful push to get McCabe fired is also undeniably more personal in nature, given McCabe was ousted just 26 hours before he was to gain full retirement benefits. McCabe was already basically out the door, and firing him now — regardless of how valid the reasons in the yet-to-be-released inspector general’s report (and those reasons might be completely valid!) — comes off as even more spiteful.

This former CIA Director sounds concerned.

See also “Five reasons Trump would have wanted Andrew McCabe fired.”

But let us turn to the other issue of the day, which is Russia. Two days ago, after prolonged foot-dragging, the Trump Administration finally announced sanctions on Russia.

In its toughest challenge to Russia to date, the Trump administration accused Moscow on Thursday of an elaborate plot to penetrate America’s electric grid, factories, water supply and even air travel through cyber hacking. The U.S. also hit targeted Russians with sanctions for alleged election meddling for the first time since President Donald Trump took office.

However, many have noted Trump himself is holding back in criticizing the Russians.

When it comes to Russia, there is the Trump administration — and there is the president.

The Trump administration denounces Russia for using nerve agent on British soil. President Donald Trump says nothing for days, then calls it “a very sad situation.”

The Trump administration castigates Russia for indiscriminate killing in Syria. Trump says nothing about it.

The Trump administration sanctions Russian hackers for meddling in the 2016 election. Trump muses that it could have been China or “many other people.”

The Trump administration condemns Putin’s unveiling of a new generation of Russian nuclear weapons. Trump remains silent.

Trump’s intelligence community stands by its conclusion that the Kremlin sought to help elect Trump in 2016. Trump insists the Russians actually opposed his election because he’s “a big military person.”

Trump’s national security adviser calls the evidence of Russian interference “incontrovertible.” Trump rebukes him on Twitter the next day.

The Trump administration pushes to harden America’s defenses for the 2018 midterms. Trump won’t even convene a meeting on the subject.

The Trump administration reassures NATO countries that America has their back against Russian intimidation. Trump complains incessantly that they need to pay more for their own defense.

You know, if a foreign country had been responsible for cyber hacking into America’s electric grid, factories, water supply and air travel, any other president would have raised hell about it. Trump can’t be bothered.

Of course, it’s possible that this has little to do with Putin. See (from a a couple of months ago) “Set aside Putin and follow the money”: a Russia expert’s theory of the Trump scandal:

Putin is happy to sow confusion and distrust in America’s system, of course, but to assume that’s the basis of this operation is to overlook a much simpler motive: money.

The financial connections between Trump and various Russian banks and oligarchs (business elites with ties to the Kremlin) stretch back decades, which is likely a big reason why Trump won’t release his tax returns. Trump’s election, Gunitsky contends, presented Russian oligarchs with an opportunity to recoup losses and leverage Trump’s debts for political gain.

So that’s it, folks. America is being sold out to the Russian oligarchs.

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11 thoughts on “Trump Is a Disease: McCabe and Russia

  1. Among other reasons, Trump is using McCabe as an example to others in government: Get behind me, or else.

    <I> America is being sold out to the Russian oligarchs.</I>

    You can see it in how Russia is newly aggressive, not caring what the world thinks about its actions, certainly not the USA, which has been neutered.

    I have a file of quotes, that I sometimes choose from to throw at right wingers. I saved John Brennan's words today.

  2. Well, duh. Trump sells a 50 million dollar house for 100 million, when Alexander Torching is using the NRA $ 30 million for the Trump campaign, see whistle blower about Cambridge analytica and Bannon's plan for a culture war,  what does Putin have on trump? Money.

    McCabe firing is like comey,  pretend some memo having to with Hillary is reason when it is really about intimidating witnesses. That's what the stormy show is: intimidation.


    The silence from rest of government is deafening. 


  3. I'm hoping that Mueller also gets that beady eyed little fuck Jeff Sessions. I was watching one of the talking heads shows where they described a possible unfolding of the McCabe situation exactly how it has so far unfolded. Sessions would fire McCabe to do Trumps bidding and Trump would eventually reward Sessions by giving him the boot. The only thing the talking heads got wrong so far is that they assumed McCabe would beat the clock through a legitimate appeals process

    I'm praying that Trump pays a big price. I'm also interested in seeing how the Stormy Daniels episode play out. The whole thing is beyond bizarre. A real puzzle! I used to get confused with the old puzzle with the chicken ,the fox, and the grain, but David Dennison suing Stormy Daniels for 20 million dollars when David Dennison is an alias for somebody who is not Trump but is suing on Trumps behalf. It's totally crazy.

  4. Correction:  GLOBAL Oligarchs.  The people publicly identified with this have Russian names and backgrounds, but this is the end-game for multinational corporate control.

    There are Americans and international companies that are making billions off this and they are just as responsible.

  5. A week or so ago, a Russian expat & his daughter were victims of an assassination attempt where the agent was a nerve agent developed by Russia. A few years back a Russian expat was murdered by a rare radioactive poison, polonium that somehow got in his tea. The thing is not just that Putin was getting revenge – he was announcing he was behind the hits by using a method no one else had access to. 

    Trump is Putin's Mini-me. The firing of McCabe hours before retirement was very publicly on Trump's wish list. However Trump may shift the responsibility to Sessions, Trump hadn't just discussed it in the Oval Office – he tweeted his hostility to McCabe and demanded his head.

    Publically. Putin did his wet work to dissuade informers in the Kremlin. Mini-me wants the federal apparatus to fear retaliation if they investigate or report what he's doing. I think it's a fatal miscalculation on Trump's part to expect the FBI is as crass and venal as he is. They aren't all saints but they are dedicated and aware of the possible result of becoming a political extension of a petty dictator.  They will take him down rather than become his tool.

    We will find out.

  6. Alas, I have been having thoughts similar to Lenny's.  The oligarchs are going transnational.  

  7. "Putin is happy to sow confusion and distrust in America’s system, of course, but to assume that’s the basis of this operation is to overlook a much simpler motive: money."

    Focusing on "collusion" and even obstruction has been tough sledding if only because the pursuit of those charges are more susceptible to political meddling and manipulation.  The GOP are doing yeoman's work in muddying the waters, thus far, helped along by the MSM's propensity to give various Trump supporters a platform to present absurd, ridiculous excuses as "fact" and "another opinion." 

    Trump maintains a death grip on his tax returns, and threatened Mueller early on that his finances were a "red line," and these events give us a clue as to where Trump is most vulnerable.  Following the money is doing more to uncover wrongdoing that is related to Russian manipulation of the election on Trump's behalf. 

    Put another way, were it not for the decades of shady financial deals with Russian oligarchs, there would be no reason for Putin to want Trump to win.

  8. Sessions will sing like a bird when his time comes; he’s a scumbag but has a general idea of how the law works and how to avoid breaking rocks for the rest of his life. Trump and his Kmart, ambulance-chaser “attorneys” don’t have a f*ing clue.

    I like the one about countersueing Daniels for violating an unsigned NDA. Bush-league scare tactics.

    And McCabe already has a few Gov.t offers lined up to protect his pension, I hear. The good guys have his back. Go Team!

  9. Trump is starting to feel the heat. He is going to go out like Cody Jarrett in White Heat…"Look Ma, I'm on top of the world!"

  10. Swami, I get that feeling too, and it scares me.  Cody in White Heat was standing on top of an oil storage tank.  Trump will be holding the nuclear football.

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