On the Right, the Only Good Shooting Victim Is a Dead Shooting Victim

The Parkland High School students who are organizing to do something about gun violence are now the victims of a right-wing smear campaign.

David Hogg, a student journalist who interviewed students on lockdown during the shooting, made several TV appearances demanding leaders take action. Another student, Emma Gonzalez, called out the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the legislators who do its bidding. Melissa Falkowski, a teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, went on CNN calling on Congress to do more to “to end gun violence, to keep our kids safe.” Lori Alhadeff, whose 14-year-old daughter was killed, screamed at President Trump on CNN to “do something.” Student survivors are organizing a march on Washington D.C..

And now, Parkland survivors are targets for fake news campaigns, conspiracy theories, harassment and doxxing. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has already suggested that the entire shooting is a false flag, which implies that all of the survivors are actors in an elaborate hoax. As survivors speak up, there are already attempts to attack and discredit them individually.

Survivor David Hogg has been the target of conspiracy theories since he began speaking out. The day after the shooting, one far-right account noted in a since-deleted tweet that Hogg was suspicious for speaking so eloquently.

Yes, in Trumpworld, being able to speak in complete sentences makes you a suspect. Do go to the link and scroll down to see the sick stuff being repeated about these students.

See also:

Former Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) has joined a growing far-right smear campaign against the students who survived last week’s massacre in a Parkland, Florida high school. …

…Kingston attacked the students as mere stooges for “left-wing groups who have an agenda” during an appearance on CNN Tuesday morning. Kingston added he believed George Soros was actually orchestrating the students’ activism.

Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times, “Parkland students come under attack for their outspokenness: Critics begin to question their motives.”

This is just sick. But so usual.

22 thoughts on “On the Right, the Only Good Shooting Victim Is a Dead Shooting Victim

  1. The song "Blowin" in the Wind" comes to mind and Margaret Mead said:  "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

    I have a lot of hope that these young people will not give up in their vision.  We need to get rid of a lot of the old geezers who are in Congress.  Wisdom is supposed to come with age but it is not guaranteed.

  2. "Yes, in Trumpworld, being able to speak in complete sentences makes you a suspect"

    That's the modern "conservative" movement, they abhor anyone with an education or the ability to communicate effectively, unless of course they are selling racist hate and enacting federal policies that are against their own interests. My hope is that FAUX will jump on this parkland false flag bandwagon soon, maybe that will drive the mainstream advertisers away once and for all!

  3. Some of these kids are 17. A few may even turn 18 before November.  They are all soon-to-be voters.  Or, are the right wingers smart enough to think of that.

  4. The people doing this have got to be the worse human beings that ever walked the earth.  If they were so sure they were right on their "constitutional" perspective on gun rights then argue on the merits.  But of course this has zero to do with the constitution and everything to do with the NRA expanding markets for guns, for profit.  The kids are finally shining some serious light on the fact that politicians are actually in the pay of the NRA and is the reason why these shootings keep happening.

    They know these kids are right, have momentum, a sense of purpose and are articulate. The right is afraid, and smearing is what these cowards do when they don't have a leg to stand on.  

    I thought after Sandy Hook, this was different, things will change, and they didn’t. Hopefully the students activism will be that catalyst this time.

  5. Glad to see the students stand for not being willing expendables so NRA  and Freedom Group inc. Can make more money.  They are rattling the far right's cage by attacking its' most sacred cow. So no surprise that Russian bots and us rightness are attacking them.

  6. The Parkland High School students must be having a significant effect to ignite the noise machine.  Perhaps the photo of the alleged shooter in the MAGA hat helps kick the noise machine into full distortion/deflection mode. I think the Parkland students can deal with them and even exploit their tactics. So far they have been doing quite well in maintaining composure and presenting persuasive discourse.  Their journey will not be without difficulty, as the opposition is formidable and fights without decency or honor.  Fortunately, the Parkland students hold the moral high ground.  They need to use it well as we are all counting on them.  

  7. Imo – Some of those hideous comments might have been by Russky trolls. 

    Most of them, I'm sure, were by American trolls.

    Kudo's to the evil Authoritarian-loving Russky trolls for so accurately immitating their evil Authoritarian-loving American trolling brethren.

    The two lanuages combined don't have enough foul words to describe how evil, stupid, ignorant, illogical, and unempathetic these monsters are.


  8. I suspect that reality will intrude to burst my balloon, but, maybe there is something different this time around.   The atmosphere has changed due to the power demonstrated by huge demonstrations of people focused on civl rights and liberties, while the opposition has revealed itself as vicious, soulless and mendacious.  On top of that, these young'uns know how to drive social media.  If the Parkland survivors  connect with survivors from other school shootings, which is very probable, other students, their parents, friends, they'll have a huge movement on their hands.

  9. These young adults are forcing legislators to do what they most fear – engage. The presence of NRA money is being linked to the stands of the NRA (access to weapons for people on the no-fly list??!!) The risk to students has the attention of a vast voting constituency – parents, grandparents and older brothers and sisters. Legislators dare not ignore these High Schoolers while the media spotlight is on.

    That's forcing them to engage – take a stand – answer questions – vote and be held accountable for those votes. No wonder they want to discredit the survivors.

  10. When I glance at some of the nutter comments… talk about mindless.  One guy says "Just put in metal detectors and security guards, duh".

    Yeah, like a determined nutter will get stopped by that.  Odds are they'd just go to the next available soft target.  I don't want to live in a world where every possible public gathering place has guards and metal detectors, let alone pay for all that. 

    Speaking facts just bounces off of hard core believers.  And cult thinking is hard to deprogram.  IMO, cultists needs to be supported and loved by a newer better ‘tribe’ for much of that to be possible.  I’m out of ideas on that one.

    It sure seems the future of this problem lies with the youth.

  11. "Trump wants to Arm Teachers"

    Ever notice the wing-nut solutions to gun violence always includes more guns? It's as if the GOP and the NRA are actually in the business of marketing guns!

  12. I got to watch Trump's listening session…I should have know better!

     Trump is so self absorbed that no amount of pleas or reason could possibly penetrate his thick skull. It really irks me to see him sitting there mugging like he's some sort of an intellectual capable of taking in information. He doesn't care, he only cares about himself.

    A lot of the people would have been better off going to the National Zoo monkey house and air their suggestions to Bobo the chimp.

     Ban assault weapons. That's the common denominator in all of this. If they focus only on the mental health side of the issue they'll be trying to reduce a threat that can come from a source of over 300 million potential possibilities. And that can't be done because the motivation or reason why someone chooses to commit a mass killing by using an assault weapon raises that 300 million possibilities exponentially. Not that they shouldn't put mental health safeguards in place, but to think it's going to have a measurable impact in reducing mass shooting isn't going to do it.

     The Parkland student Emma Gonzalez hit the nail on the head when she said, "He couldn't have killed as many as he did if he was armed with a knife". It was the firepower of an AR -15( mass shooters assault weapon of choice) that accounted for the high death toll.

  13. Oh my! Trump solved our national tragedy dilemma of mass school shootings. So simple I should have thought of it. Ban bump stocks and arm teachers. I guess Trump was right, the problems that plague us only he can fix them. Wow.. and to think.. I voted for Hillary when pure genius was staring me in the face.

  14. Honestly, there has been no good suggestion made today by anyone in power.  You get rid of assault rifles, that's a good suggestion.  

  15. Calling for the arming the teachers is basically the righties admitting they / we are powerless to stop the NRA and the gun companies need to for profits by outfitting everyday citizens with military weapons of war. It's really an amazing thing to step back and think about. It's like just letting your dog shit all over your house and constantly picking it up instead of house training your dog? I wish the democrats would push this assault weapon ban, in the end the righties will be backed into a corner were they have to admit they want citizens to be able to kill cops / federal law enforcement / soldiers. Because that is the last argument they have for allowing these weapons of war on the street, to fight a "tyrannical" government.

  16. Here's a sweet thought. If you arm 10% of teachers with small, concealed weapons, ignoring the advantage an AR-15 has over a Glock 9mm, you make EVERY teacher the first target for a shooter. Step One: Shoot the adult. If you are among the 90% who doesn't see carrying a weapon as part of your job description you have still become the primary target. And you think we will retain teachers when they get low pay, long hours, and are also sitting ducks. 

  17. The rabbit hole people think they can find enough weak minds to fix this little rebellion with some reality bending.  All that is needed, they think, is to create six alternative facts before breakfast.  That way they can continue on their fantasy that their home armory with all manner of killing devices gives them security, status, and power.  The reality they avoid is the one that frames them as social problems, and a threat to those of us who try to survive outside of the rabbit hole.  A visit to La-la Land is not a problem, permanent residence there is.

  18. "If you arm 10% of teachers"


    I'm sure you understand these proposals are not about protecting schools, they are about selling more guns. The NRA loves dead school kids, another opportunity to market more guns, and the GOP is in lockstep, every dead child represents the potential for more profit!

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