Outrage Fatigue Has Set In

I’m having a hard time working up any outrage over the Rob Porter scandal. Of course the White House was harboring a domestic abuser. Of course they knew about it and protected him. Of course nobody bothered to ask about his missing security clearance. Of course Porter handled intelligence briefings. Of course Trumpies don’t see what the big bleeping deal is. What else is new? Those people don’t rise to the level of “amateurs.”

Charles Pierce:

The simple fact is that the White House is out of anyone’s control because the president* is out of anyone’s control. (As is his hair, which appears to be preparing for its annual migration to the forests of Guatemala any day now.) The simple fact is that Rob Porter found a job in the White House that he could keep—for a while, anyway—despite what his bosses knew about his history of domestic violence, because his ultimate boss has faced plenty of his own accusations and ended up becoming the damn President* of the United States. The fish is a bully from the head down. The president* certainly had a lot to talk about with the other guests at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday morning.

See here why John Kelly might be the next contestant booted off the island.

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18 thoughts on “Outrage Fatigue Has Set In

  1. Conservative POV:

    A handsome, Harvard  educated Rhodes Scholar with a promising future in the Republican politics, the secretary to the POTUS, accused of beating his 2 former wives (with photographic evidence, btw). *

    His immediate boss:  A conservative man.  An honored military man.  The president's Chief of Staff. And a man who says he revere's women – but only if they conform to his obsequious 1950's model. 

    The president*, their boss, revered by Dominionist "Christian" Evangelicals.  A man once accused of spousal rape by his first wife.  A man with countless accusations of sexual assault and abuse.

    And the question of whether the president's secretary, because  of the accusations, is open to blackmail.


    For beating his wives?

    None of us conservstives care, so what could he possiby be blackmailed with, if we don't care?

    Who DOESN'T  beat his wife? Besides Libtard girly-men, we mean?  


    I really think they don't understand what all of this hub-nub is about.

    * Porter, inexplicably, in some sort of defense, says that HE took the photo of his wife with the black-eye!

    Uhm…  Why?  To show his pals?  "Hey, look st the shiner J gave this bitch!"

    Never even mind what kind of a man beats his wife:  Whag kind of a man takes a photo of the damage his fists inflicted on his wife?

    I swear, I don't need anymore proof for thinking that every single conservative, male or female, is either a sociopath or a psychopath.

    No more giving ANY of the them benefit of the doubt.

    Doubt, is dead!  They're all stupid AND evil! 

    Equally:  STUPID AND EVIL!

  2. Rachel Meadow is raising a good question. If Trump did not know as is claimed then who cleared this abuser? Legally only President Bone Spurs could grant the clearance. So the question is who decided? 

  3. The biggest take away I find is the fact that Kelly got caught  in another lie. It's good to see his mask come off.. He starts out as the highly respected Marine wrapped in a mantle of integrity and honor only to see him disintegrate into a racist liar who has to cower to exposure to cover his lies. He's a kindred spirit to Donald Trump who has managed hide his true despicable character beneath the honorable uniform of a United States Marine. ( "and to keep our honor clean"?) Semper Lie!

     He's a fraud from the get go, and I'm surprised his act lasted as long as it did. It would be kind to say that Trump was a corrupting influence on him,but the racist aspect of his character had found root in his being long before he ever crossed paths with Trump. It's his to own.

     By the power vested in me by the God of all creation I hereby deem John Kelly a big lying bag of shit. So says one, so says all..amen

  4. The outrage is the security clearance issue. Kelly and McGahn at least had to know. Some Democrat Congressmen have written Gowdy demanding investigation. Jared has the same problem. How many more can't pass a background check?  And Hope Hicks dating Porter involved in writing his defense . But then she was also involved with Lewandowski who is married.  Anyway it is a snakepit.

  5. The outrage is the security clearance issue. Kelly and McGahn at least had to know. Some Democrat Congressmen have written Gowdy demanding investigation. Jared has the same problem. How many more can't pass a background check?  And Hope Hicks dating Porter involved in writing his defense . But then she was also involved with Lewandowski who is married.  Anyway it is a snakepit.

  6. Let's wait and see what a falling Dow has on the Trumpsters. If one form or reality check begins to hit them where it hurts, perhaps some of the excuses for Trump will lose a bit of their luster. 

    Thanks to his brilliant leadership, stocks are becoming more affordable for ordinary Americans to buy; as of midday on Friday, they are 1.4% more affordable than at the opening bell. 

    I have heard his supporters say that the Tweets are regrettable and  unbecoming, but the rising stock market means that his blemishes can be ignored. Time will tell if they get bitten in the ass, but ten years of near-zero borrowing costs appear to be coming to an end, and not even Sean Hannity will be able to lie to his listeners for much longer if this keeps up. 

  7. Now there's talk about replacing John Kelly with Mick Mulvaney.. Well, Mick, just put another hat on..  Director of OMB, Director of the Consumer Protection Bureau..and Chief of Staff. Why not? If this keeps up Mulvaney is going to have a fuller plate of responsibilities than Jared Kushner.

     I get the concept of utilizing your underlings to extract their full potential but Trump seems to be going overboard in stretching his resources. Next Mulvaney might be assigned to check the tire pressure on Air Force One prior to take offs.

    Mueller better hurry up with his investigation before Trump's administration collapses under the weight of its own incompetence. Who knows? Maybe part of Trump's make America great again strategy is to highlight the flaws in our system so that we'll be better able to correct them. You can't fix a problem if you can't see a problem.

  8. Trey Gowdy is jumping ship when he reportedly wasn't at risk in the next election. He saw the underlying evidence from DOJ that no one else saw. Rachel Brand, Number three at DOJ, who would be Rosensteins replacement if he got run over by a Trump train, is throwing in the towel. One wonders how much she knows about the Mueller investigation. She's not involved, so officially she knows nothing, but one wonders if she has knowledge of what Gowdy saw. 

    Maybe these events have nothing to do with each other or the Mueller investigation. My personal opinion is that we have the hottest political hot potato since the JFK assassination. (Which is still classified if you didn't notice). But what we have here is a criminal investigation of a sitting head of state, which can't be classified and buried like a dead president. 

    A line from Hamlet comes to mind:

    "The time is out of joint. O cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right." 

    Mueller and Rosenstein are facing the deed of the King – so far – but will the right patriots surface to confront the evil I can only guess by the reactions of those who are fleeing?

  9. Doug … My thought is that regardless of whatever the Mueller investigation reveals the ones who are jumping ship now are the ones who see the handwriting on the wall. This whole Trump era episode is not going to end well, and there are going to be an awful lot of casualties determined by how how people position themselves. In a case like Trump and the GOP's association with him it's becoming more and more evident that the dividing lines will be on a moral basis as opposed to purely political differences.

     Trump's antics have exceeded the boundaries of being an attack on just our democracy. He's assaulting the underpinnings of civilization. The qualities of spirit, love,truth, decency, integrity, compassion, empathy, sympathy.. just to name a few, are endemic to humanity and are never going to be overcome any man.. No matter how proficient or persistent he becomes in attempting to overcome them. Ultimately he's doomed to fail because the weight and history of civilization shows that his vile characteristics and tendencies are ephemeral. He's just a blob of shit on the dung heap of life who will be baked dry by the sun.

    Any anybody with half a brain and a modicum of foresight should be able to see the wisdom of distancing themselves from any connection and in any aspect to Trump…Flee from him so as not to be tainted by association. Especially in defending him.

  10. It’s instructive to see all these Trump Haters with dual standards when it comes to outrage over what happens in our government; just find anything to harp about if it will discredit Trump and his team.  Sounds like a bunch of high school girls shredding everyone they don’t like.

    People are imperfect in administrations of both parties, and the Left has had its fair share of sleaze.

    Rather than mud-slinging, how about we try to seriously focus on finding common ground to make our country better.

    • “Rather than mud-slinging, how about we try to seriously focus on finding common ground to make our country better.” Step one would be to elect people into office who are more interested in doing what’s right by America rather than using their office as a marketing opportunity. Now, goodbye.

  11. So, is Jared unable to get his security clearance because of wife beating, or his obvious mob ties?

  12. Here I've envisioned myself as a defender of truth and decency only to find out that I'm a mean girl..I'm just devastated by that revelation! I don't know what got into me with the silly notion that all people should be accorded a basic human dignity and worth.

  13. Veracity: presidents are imperfect, and all of them require checks on their power. That is true of chief executives of both parties and across the spectrum of political philosophy. The framers of the Constitution knew that very well. 

    However, for the first time, we have a president who needs adult supervision. That is a novelty which puts our country in peril. It is what sets Trump apart from all other modern presidents. 

  14. I stopped being outraged awhile ago, whats the point? I'm waiting for the day when serious minds start to ignore what this clown says. Something tells me it's going to be a while. Hey maha how come all my comments go to moderation, am I still in the twit filter?



  15. "Rather than mud-slinging, how about we try to seriously focus on finding common ground to make our country better "

    Complete bullshit, if you voted for trump you voted to deconstruct the state you voted to end our democracy, they told you that during the campaign. Just look at who Trump appointed to the department of energy (DOE) the folks in charge of our nuclear arsenal! He put Rick Perry in charge, the DOE was the department he wanted to eliminate, the one he forgot, oops? Trump is a fucking shitshow, trump voters should sit down and shut the fuck up.

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