Why Is Wilbur Ross Still Secretary of Commerce?

Seriously, there’s a new story out at Forbes that makes Ross out to be just plain creepy. He was presumed to be a billionaire, part of the aura of success that made people assume he knew something about business. But it turns out he wasn’t; he’s been lying for years about how much money he  has. His “success story” is pretty much a sham. Yes he has a lot of money, but he’s no billionaire, as he has long claimed.

And of course, it was discovered a couple of days ago that his actual business interests connect him to Vladi­mir Putin’s son-in-law, which seems a tad suspicious.

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9 thoughts on “Why Is Wilbur Ross Still Secretary of Commerce?

  1. "And of course, it was discovered a couple of days ago that his actual business interests connect him to Vladi­mir Putin’s son-in-law, which seems a tad suspicious."

    Suspicious or a pre-requisite?

  2. A distinguished graduate of the Donald J, Trump school of self promotion? I think I am a billionaire, therefor I am a billionaire.

    The constraints of reality can be cruel and burdensome…strive to emancipate yourself therefrom.

  3. The connections to Russia – and the lies about the connections – just keep piling up. Was Vladimar Putin tasked with vetting candidates?

  4. When did the USSR's Politburo morph into Congressional Republicans?

    As I've said before, I'm a first generation American whose relatives came from Russian and Ukraine.

    I bet that anyone who's at least semi-close to Donaldski Trumpovich knows more Russians and Ukrainians than me and my whole family – dead or still alive – ever knew!

    As for Ross – and this applies to his boss, the narcissistic sociopathic orange cancerous slug – from what I've seen, people who really are billionaires, don't feel the need to boast to everyone that they're billionaires.  l

     It's like people who keep telling others how smart they are.  That, in and of itself, is proof to me that that individual probably isn't very smart – and is very insecure about their lack of intelligence.

    Sound like anyone we all know (and want to spit and defecate on that individual's grave)?


  5. Why do you need a story from Forbes to make out Ross as being just plain creepy? Can't you just tell by looking at him? He obviously lacks effervescence. 


  6. Gulag is morphing with the times (or like the rest of us, being force-morphed).

    On many blogs people complain about a sudden cultural tolerance for lying, and the weird view that the super wealthy are always some kind of superman-wizard.  But history seems to prove that a lot of them (if not most) get ahead because they’re good at being rent-seeking assholes.  What wizardly and beneficial ideas does Wilbur Ross actually have that would be realistically useful in a civil society?

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