Is Jared Kushner the Real Weakest Link?

Michael Flynn is refusing to honor a Senate subpoena and is pleading the Fifth, a whole lot of news sources are saying. One suspects Flynn is guilty of something. One also suspects the “something” could implicate the Trump Administration.  Trump’s association with Flynn could bring him down, yet. Whatever he’s hiding from the Senate likely will come out eventually. (Do read this Politico piece on Robert Mueller; it will make you feel better.)

However, there’s someone else is the Trump Administration being looked at. There are credible reports that a senior White House adviser close to the so-called president has become a “person of interest” to the Justice Department. And there’s a lot of speculation that PoI is Jared Kushner.

Now WaPo and other sources are reporting that Kushner has kept 90 percent of his real estate holdings, which likely puts him at odds with ethics rules.

Kushner, 36, who is emerging as a singularly powerful figure in the Trump White House, is keeping nearly 90 percent of his vast real estate holdings even after resigning from the family business and pledging a clear divide between his private interests and public duties.

The value of his retained real estate interests is between $132 million and $407 million and could leave him in a position to financially benefit from his family’s business. …

… It is not clear from Kushner’s financial filings whether any of his holdings might intersect with his broad and evolving responsibilities in the White House. This week, Kushner has been close by the president during the administration’s first international trip, with stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, Belgium and Italy.

Kushner rejected a request by The Washington Post to review his ethics agreement with the White House, which would lay out the topics that he has pledged to avoid because of concerns about conflicts of interest. White House officials have said that it is a long-standing policy for the agreements to remain confidential.

Let’s review some other recent Jared Kushner news —

March 27: Senate Committee to Question Jared Kushner Over Meetings With Russians.

March 28: Russian banker who met with Jared Kushner has ties to Putin

April 6: Kushner Omitted Meeting With Russians on Security Clearance Forms

Given the Kushner family history as a pack of opportunistic grifters, odds are very long that baby-faced Jared couldn’t pass an ethics whiff test in a Chanel No. 5 factory.

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    I mean, here, all along, from what I’d read, I got the impression that Mr. Ivanka was the (the much more) logical Sylvester Cat Jr., to Donald’s idiotic Sylvester the Cat?

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  4. The dots do seem to be connecting.  Kushner’s money ties with the Russian Kleptocracy are extensive and contrary to our national interests and policy.  Any use of sanctions to effect influence upon Russia counters Kushner’s and therefore Trump’s business interests.  To influence the election was in the common interest of both, which suggests a strong motive.  The fate of a few million refugees, the lives of a few million Syrians, the fate of the peoples of the Ukraine, the role of the United States in maintenance of some semblance of world order is not important to them and interferes with their adoration of the one true god to them, money. Democracy and the integrity of our electoral system just nuisance ideas and expendable. I am starting to see the picture emerge from the maze of dots. Seems a bit on the ugly side.

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