Senator Chuck Schmendrick

I’m sure you heard that last week Sen. Schumer announced he would not support the Iran deal and would even vote to override a veto. Today I learned that MoveOn announced it would withhold money from Schumer and any other Dem who nixed the deal, to the tune of $8.3 million.

“We thought Schumer and the Democratic party had learned this lesson a decade ago after the war of choice in Iraq,” said Nick Berning, MoveOn’s communications director. “We want to demonstrate to those who haven’t made their decision yet there will be substantial political consequences for those who want to take us to war.”


The National Iranian American Council, which also supports the Iran nuclear deal, took Schumer to task by comparing his diplomatic stances to former President George W. Bush. “He states that he is opposing the deal because Iran will retain ‘its nuclear and non-nuclear power,’” said Jamal Abadi of the NIAC. “These demands make the Bush Administration’s aversions to negotiations seem pragmatic in comparison. In what negotiated outcome would Iran have relinquished not just its nuclear power, but its non-nuclear power?”

Oh, yeah … good point.

Chuckles wants us to think he spent a lot of time studying the agreement and considering what it might do before he decided to vote against it. This is a vote of conscience, he says. At Foreign Policy, Jeffrey Lewis says the Senator didn’t study it hard enough. Of Schumer’s written statement opposing the deal, Lewis says, “Schumer’s missive came across a bit like your crazy uncle who gets his opinions from talk radio and wants to set you straight at Thanksgiving.” Lewis goes on to explain all the details the Senator got wrong.

However, Schumer doesn’t seem to be twisting arms to get other senators to vote his way. Many suspect the Dems have the votes to protect the deal without Schumer’s vote, so Chuck was let off the hook and could vote to appease the Israeli lobby. However, MoveOn, Credo and other progressive groups are campaigning to prevent Chuck from taking over as Majority (we hope) Leader once Harry Reid steps down.

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