Why We’re Doomed, Part XXXVII

Between fracking and climate change, water deprivation is becoming a real concern. So the Obama Administration through the EPA has moved to protect water resources from being irreparably depleted or polluted by greedy corporations.

Naturally, the Right is outraged.

The Obama administration announced new protections Wednesday for thousands of waterways and wetlands, pushing ahead despite a fierce counterattack from powerhouse industries like agriculture, oil and home-building — and their supporters in Congress.

On its face, the Waters of the United States rule is largely a technical document, defining which rivers, streams, lakes and marshes fall under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers. But opponents condemn it as a massive power grab by Washington, saying it will give bureaucrats carte blanche to swoop in and penalize landowners every time a cow walks through a ditch.

The Sheep who oppose whatever the right-wing echo chamber tells them to oppose would feel ill-used if their own drinking water dried up or if their grandchildren were born with three heads because of bleep knows what in the water. But in their minds if monied interests drain the aquifers and pollute the rivers to make more money for the 1 percent, that’s not “grabbing,” but if the government tries to protect resources for posterity it’s tyranny.

4 thoughts on “Why We’re Doomed, Part XXXVII

  1. I have a suggestion for our Reich-Wing “MORANS”:
    To see what the future holds as far as water and the air are concerned – if we don’t increase regulation – don’t drink anything for a day or so, and then put a plastic grocery bag over your heads.
    This should nicely replicate what the future holds for all of us.

    Did they do it?

    Good, now maybe we can make some progress!

    Feckin’ eedjits!!!

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