Let’s Just Get Along

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that Iran appears to be trying to back out of the nuke deal already by denying that the White House version of the framework is what they agreed to. However, as of this writing no other media source is saying any such thing.

I was struck by this passage in the New York Times:

The streets of Tehran, a city of 12 million, crowded on any regular evening, were largely empty late Thursday night, save for some gatherings at a central square where people honked their car horns in approval.

But that may have been partly because many Iranians were glued to state television, watching President Obama in Washington talking about the details of a framework nuclear accord with Iran. It appeared to be the first time in Iran’s revolutionary history that the official news media broadcast the speech of an American president live and in full.

“This is unbelievable,” said Mohammad Javad Mehreghan, a financial expert. “Soon we will have direct flights between Tehran and New York.”

According to reports in the MSM, Iranians were happy with President Obama’s speech and the deal as he described it is being welcomed. This causes me to suspect the Free Beacon scoop was pulled out of Matthew Continetti’s ass.

Anyway, the quote — it struck me that it would be a really good thing for Americans and Iranians to get to know each other as people, because when people know that those Others really are just people too it’s harder to get them whipped up into a war frenzy. We should have direct flights between Tehran and New York. We should have access to each other’s teevee shows. We should bump into each other at Disney World or shopping in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. This is my idea of a better world.