Joy in Rightieville Over a Faux Climate Change Scandal

Did you know there is a global warming scandal? A novelist with no known scientific background named James Delingpole writes for Breitbart that he knows for a fact that organizations like NASA and NOAA are falsifying the data people are going by to make claims of global climate change. This claim has been picked up by The Telegraph, no less, which I’ve noticed publishing science denialism propaganda in the past. And the whole right blogosphere is eating this up and crowing about the “scandal,” utterly oblivious to the flagrant hinkyness of their source.

Reading on, we learn that the scandal was “broken” by a retired accountant named Paul Homewood who has made something of a name for himself by writing inane science-denialist articles for pseudo-science websites.

In brief, wingnuts, wake us up when you’ve got scientific, peer-reviewed data. Otherwise, just keep playing in traffic. Thanks much.

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11 thoughts on “Joy in Rightieville Over a Faux Climate Change Scandal

  1. This is where I’m missing a huge opportunity for fame and fortune – make that infamy and fortune.

    All anyone needs to do to make a mint off of the wingnut rubes, is tell them what they want to hear – but do it with authority!
    Hell, that’s the only time they’ll listen to women and minorities, is if they parrot the wingnuts own prejudices.

    They need confirmation and reaffirmation in their belief’s, and need the support of others, the poor, poor dears.

    While these Authoritarians love authority, it can only be one of their own in authority.

    So, if I wanted to make a fortune, I’d write a book something like this:
    ‘Post O’Bummbler:
    The Meteoric and Eternal Rise of Conservatism and the Demise of Obamacare – All in the Coming Ice Age With No Abortions, Contraception, or Safety Nets for the Moochers!’

    I’m talkin’ millions!!!

    • ‘Post O’Bummbler:
      The Meteoric and Eternal Rise of Conservatism and the Demise of Obamacare – All in the Coming Ice Age With No Abortions, Contraception, or Safety Nets for the Moochers!’

      I think either Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter published that book already. Maybe they both did!

  2. When a wingnut hears “peer review” they read it as an examination by a group of co-conspirators who help catapult the propaganda. Then they breathe a sigh of relief that for perspicacious heavyweight intellectuals like Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin to guide them through the deception.

    Hitler had the big lie, “Tailgunner Joe” had the multiple lie. We have the lies that burrow into the public discourse and spin out a thousand variants. We can only be rid of them when wingsnuts come to some objective appraisal and the balance of evidence convinces them to rethink. Unfortunately, as we all know, this is impossible.

    I have a wingnut friend, who referred to Sarah Palin as “the smartest woman in the world.” I wonder if he still believes that. I have to preserve my tranquility by assuming that the reference was meant solely to piss off liberals and did not reflect his actual belief. It’s still pretty scary.

  3. Sarah may be the biggest smart ass in the world.
    Gulag, every time I think I have an original thought or idea, I Google it and find it’s already out there.

  4. I remembered seeing the one thing that convinced me that irony was dead. It was a denialist saying “don’t scientists realize that once the falsity of their claims is revealed, no one will ever trust them again?”

    Um… yes?

    And they’re still making those claims. And they depend on being trusted. Which tells us…?

    (Hint: Rhymes with ‘sew itz naught uh con-spear-ih-see”)

    But alas, I feel we live in a post-truth society. It doesn’t matter *what* you say, how wrong you are, whether it’s proven that you lied, etc.. Palin’s crime is not that she’s an incomprehensible idiot who’s gotten way too far away from beauty pageants to handle answering questions (NB: politicians *do* use the same technique, engage the question, then quote a prepared talking point). Her crime is that she’s simply not salable enough.

  5. Delingpole regularly writes for the Torygraph as its denialist useful idiot, so it’s not surprising that they would pick up on this inane non-story. What’s interesting is the way in which the Torygraph has been connecting with the more obviously rabid parts of the US rightwing crackpot blogosphere recently. Looks like an attempt to mainstream their nonsense into the UK.

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