Three More Days

Boy howdy, as Rachel Maddow says — are people ever desperate to get gas. I saw long lines to gas pumps on the teevee, but there are lines here, too. A lot of the gas stations are still closed, and the ones that are open have lines stretching easily a quarter mile, some maybe close to half a mile. Glad I filled the tank last week.

On to politics: Nate Silver has Mitt’s chance to win down to 16.3 percent. Whoa. Although individual polls are all over the place, averages at both the national and state level seems to show a clear increase in support for the President. The Sandy effect, perhaps?

Karl Rove already is blaming Hurricane Sandy for shutting down Romney’s momentum. You know argument’s going to be made that the President’s re-election is illegitimate because Sandy impacted the campaigns. How dare the real world interfere with politics!

But I also want to mention something Professor Krugman said a couple of days ago

Well, what if we’ve been misunderstanding Rove? We’ve been seeing him as a man dedicated to helping angry right-wing billionaires take over America. But maybe he’s best thought of instead as an entrepreneur in the business of selling his services to angry right-wing billionaires, who believe that he can help them take over America. It’s not the same thing.

And while Rove the crusader is looking — provisionally, of course, until the votes are in — like a failure, Rove the businessman has just had an amazing, banner year.

Earlier this month’s Rove’s Crossroads GPS Super PAC was said to be propping up Mitt’s campaign. All a scam to part rich fools from their money? Of course, I’m sure Karl would prefer that Mittens win, especially since the rubes won’t be so likely to part with millions of dollars next election season.

And then there are the other rubes —

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  1. Man that interviewer is good. It’s not a small skill to set aside your own biases and offer empathy to interviewees to get them to trust you enough to open up. I didn’t watch all of it, but it was pretty clear the subjects somehow trust Romney enough to not need the details. Or they despise Obama enough, probably a combination of the two. And I’m glad I don’t live in Ohio.

  2. re Nate Silver – My cautious optimism has been quietly growing. I’ll be quietly relieved if we manage to defeat the barbarians for another four yers. But this will be the real icing on the cake, like the best present on Christmas morning.

  3. The Buddhists??? LOL… really? Really! The whole thing just made my mind wobble but THAT just frosted the flake. – Monks and Buddhists be on notice
    the jig is up!

    The peak into the rat hole was disturbing at best. No wonder rove is so sure team mittwitt will prevail- he saw this video played out live everyday for nearly a decade- he knows better than all of us that there are a ton of these crack pot, NO information voters. Prey does not get any easier than this.And its not just a few people struggling with the onset of dementia- it’s almost half the damn voting population! When you see this, if your rove and his zillionaires how can you NOT believe it’s an easy win?
    I hope Obama understands that if he were to lose it says less about him and EVERYTHING about the people who would vote for mittwitt. What it tells me is this country is in grave danger.
    It is my core belief that a person who stands for nothing will fall for anything. My core belief rested it’s case after I viewed this video.
    Don’t worry about magic panties- it’s the Buddhists! ROFLMAO.What a crazy world eh?

  4. “business of selling his services to angry right-wing billionaires, who believe that he can help them take over America. It’s not the same thing”

    I hate to assume a positive outcome, though I am betting on good this time. But when it comes to Rove, religion or just plain evil, he has it coming, win or lose Rove has an ass whoopin coming.

  5. Robert Reich on Romneyism (and I am really looking forward to the day when I can forget that name):

    By now, in these last remaining days before the election of 2012, we have learned enough about the beliefs of the Republican presidential candidate to see them as a worldview all its own – a kind of creed that explains Mitt Romney. Those who say he has no principles are selling him short.

    Despite its contradictions and ellipses, Romneyism has an internal coherence. It is different from conservatism, because it does not intend to conserve or protect any particular institutions or values. It is also distinct from Republicanism, in that it is not rooted in traditional small-town American values, nationalism, or states’ rights.

    The ten guiding principles of Romneyism are:

    1. Corporations are the basic units of society. Corporations are people, and the overriding purpose of an economy is to maximize corporate profits….

    8. Politics is a game whose only purpose is to win. Any means used to win the game is legitimate even if it involves lying and cheating, as long as it gains more supporters than it loses.

    9. Democracy is dangerous because it is forever vulnerable to the votes of a majority intent on capturing the wealth of the successful minority, on whom the economy depends. The rich must therefore do whatever is necessary to prevent the majority from exercising its will, including spending large sums of money on lobbyists and political campaigns. The most virtuous among the rich will go a step further and run for president….

  6. If Obama was white, he’d win reelection in a Johnson/Reagan landslide.
    But we still have racists of all ages, as we can see with the clown parade, above – including that withered husk of a woman in the video.

    “Does this hairdoo make my head look fat?”
    ‘No dear, not at all (snort… chortle…). Great Holloween costume, by the way! But you may have overdone it a bit, dear – doesn’t Frankenstein’s bride have just a streak of white in her hair? It’s ok, one look at you, and the children will run shrieking from the door, never to darken our ‘Welcome’ mat again.’

    Voting for Mitt is acceptable racism, and saying you’re for him is a far safer way of excercizing your 1st Amendment rights than screaming “N*GGER!!!” in a crowded ghetto. Of course, that’s why God have Crackers a 2nd Amendment.

  7. “What don’t you like about Obama?”
    He’s ruined EVERYTHING!!!! Since Obama “took over”, i have only one bowel movement a week, and I eat NOTHING but bran flakes and bacon! It’s the worst of SBU I’ve ever had!!! and it appears to be catching!!!
    They forgot to mention that Obama is gay, and has his ex lovers killed.
    Ya know, I hear this baloney from the people I work with constantly;He’s gutting Social Security, forcing Obama Care on us, he bows too low to foreign leaders, he gives minorities all of our tax dollars so they get ObamaPhones, Social Security, and food stamps! I saw a sign the other day that read “Vote Romney, at least he ain’t a commie”. and beneath that sign was a smaller sign that read “socialists stole my Romney signs”. I am TOTALY convinced that about 30% of our population is sprayed bug CRAZY, not misinformed, but CRAZY.
    I’ll post the ObamaPhone remix later when the girls are up, they get pissed when I wake them up early on Sunday morning with my internet activities. It says it all.
    Thanks for the recipe for gin soaked Meatloaf…..

  8. It’s interesting how the mantra went from Obama taking away our guns to now taking away “religious” rights.
    And damn them sneaky Budda people!
    I don’t know about Y’all, but I gonna start praying REAL hard for the rapture !!

  9. I met a very similar woman in the parking lot of a local grocery. She was hawking tapes of her singing gospel songs and handing out little comic books about the end of the world. At first, I thought about blowing her off, but when I looked in her eyes I could see the likelihood that she would be waiting for me with a 12 gauge pump when I came out. I got away without buying the tape. Her attention shifted to a couple with near equal concern about the recent spike in the “Rapture Index”. I still have the comic book somewhere.

  10. I have to admit, I feel pretty sorry for that woman. The more I talk with some of my right wing friends, the more I am grateful not to be them. They seem so deeply enraged and unhappy. The sources of their outrage are almost always bogus. It must be a miserable way to live.

    I remember the young man doing the interview from the last election. He is a master at drawing people out. He says very little, with an occasional small nod and and exceptionally attentive look on his face. He gives them more than enough rope.

  11. I hate to say this but I’m not totally convinced a similar video taken outside an Obama rally would sound a whole lot different. I could only watch a few minutes before I get embarrassed watching the deer in the headlight response to why they love themselves some Mittens. But at least the Obama supporters will be voting in their own best interest. These fools will vote to have our country taken over even more than it is by the monied elite.

    As for Karl Rove, he has no scruples at all. A lot like Mitt IMHO. He’ll do whatever it takes to make money. And the billionaire class of America is just waiting to hand him their dough. What worries me some is that with an Obama victory, the impact of the Citizens United decision will seem to be muted. I think that would be bad. Romney really is such a poor candidate that he had no chance of winning, regardless of the money spent. In four years when it’s Hillary vs Marco Rubio the money factor could be gargantuan.

  12. Pretty incoherent, some of them. Probably because Romney’s actual plans are secret? It’s really hard to believe that half the electorate is willing to bet on a cipher.

  13. Romney! The man with the plan!

    It’s not just that the people in the video don’t mind not knowing what Romney’s plan is, they seem to prefer it that way. Not only is Obama scary and black and Muslim and a socialist and all, he actually tries to explain things to them. He tries to make them think!

  14. This is the culmination of decades of propagandizing and brainwashing on race. These people are thoroughly stupefied, and don’t even realize it. Some of them seem to have a hint of embarrassment when they cannot answer the interviewer’s follow up questions for examples. And I think that embarrassment comes from the real reason for their opposition, that Obama is black.

    And MeatLoaf at the end is truly embarrassing. Even Romney is embarrassed by him.

    Romney may be white, but these are not his people. But they are too stupid to realize that. And that’s the really sad part; Romney is not for them, and Obama is!

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