Open Debate Thread

I’ll probably be back about the time the debate is over, but do comment away. I’ll check in as soon as I can. If you need to read live blogging I recommend Richard Adams at The Guardian, but of course I hope you leave comments here, and I hope not too many comments get stuck in the spam filter.

I’m back. I take it this debate is going better than the last one.

I’ve been reading comments and seen some of the highlight clips, and I am relieved the President won the evening. The clip of Romney being called out on Benghazi was priceless.

See Greg Sargent, “Obama Turns It Around,” and Michael Tomasky, “Obama Is Back.”

Open Thread Tonight

I regret, maybe, that I will be out this evening and cannot live blog the debate, but I will set up a post specifically for debate comments. I’ll probably get home about the time the debate is ending.

My only prediction is that this debate will be different from the first one. President Obama is capable of learning from mistakes, and I don’t doubt he will strive to be more assertive this time.