Newt Recants

Ooo, somebody must’ve taken Newt to the woodshed. He’s telling people he made a mistake criticizing Mittens’s record at Bain Capital. What were the puppet masters going to do? Close Callista’s Tiffany’s account? Oh, the humanity …

Fortunately, the SuperPAC preparing to saturate South Carolina with Romney vampire squid ads says it is not backing down. And you can watch the entire “When Mitt Romney Came to Town” documentary online.

10 thoughts on “Newt Recants

  1. Low these many years, every since I first spied the Newt, I have not been able to purge my mind of the notion that if the “Frisch’s Big Boy” ever grew up he would be the spirit and image of Newt as a youngish man. He looked like he fell off a Nazi Youth poster.

    Now, as an aging and sagging old man, he seems confused as to why he can no longer command the respect he once did. At least he has his wealth to comfort him. The sin he committed was to raise a moral issue to a body of people who consider themselves to be incapable of moral error.

    The man is a complete buffoon, but, how ironic is it that to raise a question, even rhetorically, regarding the morality of capitalism would earn him such swift censure? “What a brave new world that has such people in it.”

  2. Gingrich is being more of a weasel than the Politico story lets on. He stands behind his criticism of Romney, which he says is valid because it is coming someone who is “totally pro-capitalist” and it is focused on Romney and Bain. The only problem, he says, is that it echoes criticism that isn’t valid because it comes from people engaging in “disgusting” class warfare.

  3. Yeah, just like Galileo..

    Reptiles can’t experience remorse! Newt’s only mistake is not allowing Callista’s covert operations division of Gingrich Inc. to do the sliming of Romney. By the time Callista and Newt get through working over Romney he’ll be as effeminised as John Kerry Heinz was.

    Romney doesn’t wind surf, does he?

  4. Presumably amphibians don’t experience remorse, either. I’m still betting Gingrich goes down fighting.

  5. Newt must have been really terrified, waking up to find a horses head in bed with him!

    Callista’s used to waking up to find a horses ass in bed her.

  6. [I]f the “Frisch’s Big Boy” ever grew up he would be the spirit and image of Newt as a youngish man.

    Is that a regional version of the restaurant chain with the statue of the tubby lad hoisting a burger? Cause the tubby lad does indeed resemble a young Newt. (In my region it was called “JB’s Big Boy.” Wonder who “JB” was… John Boehner?)

  7. Romney doesn’t wind surf, does he?

    I don’t know, but that anti-Romney documentary has footage of him speaking French.

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