Oh, Please …

I’d say an unintended consequence of racial (as in white) preference is that a second-rate hack like George Will gets a job writing for the Washington Post

For 33 years, the court has been entangled in a thicket of preferences that are not remedial and hence not temporary. Preferences as recompense for past discrimination must eventually become implausible, but the diversity rationale for preferences never expires.

I’d say that the diversity rationale for preferences is justified as long as the non-diversity rationale for preferences that keeps Will in his privileged position is still operative.

Face it, Will, if this were a meritocracy, you’d be lucky to be selling insurance someplace.

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Stuff to Read, in Context

Moonbat already pointed this out in comments, but do see “How Republicans Are Being Taught to Talk about Occupy Wall Street.” Of course, the head should say “how to lie about Occupy Wall Street.”

And then there are the lies people tell themselves. In “Three Inconvenient Truths About Occupy Wall Street,” Nick Schulz of the American Enterprise Institute is not really addressing OWS. He is reassuring the 1 percent that they don’t have anything to feel guilty about. See also Zandar, “Apparently The Cause Of Income Inequality Is Poor People Existing.”

On the other hand, Nicholas Kristof writes that at least one banker has admitted his (and his industry’s) guilt.

I find it fascinating that the Wall Street Journal published an op ed by Andy Stern saying that the free-market economic model is being thrown onto the trash heap of history. Stern says while we cling to our economic myths and fables of the past, China is building the economy of the future. But you know the only reason WSJ published that article is so they can call Stern a Communist.

Good CEOs don’t necessarily make good governors, but bad CEOs are even worse. Rick Scott of Florida has decided one way to save the state money is requiring college students born in Florida to pay out-of-state tuition unless they can document their parents are legal residents. He don’t need no steenking 14th Amendment, apparently.

Finally, don’t miss Gene Lyons, “Politics Makes People Stupid.”

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