I’m seeing that a 5.8 earthquake was felt from Boston to Virginia this afternoon. Here in my undisclosed location north of the Bronx I didn’t feel tremors at all. Now I see the epicenter was northwest of Richmond. Just minor damage, I suspect.

There was another earthquake in Colorado last night. If I were superstitious I’d be nervous.

Update: Oh, please … the terminally useless Jim Hoft posts the headline —

Earthquake Rattles Washington DC – Obama Goes Biking

There are no reports of structural damage in D.C. I understand some people living near the epicenter suffered broken china. Next … Obama’s Katrina?

Update: Who was first to blame Obama? It might have been Kos diarist.

Righties can’t decide is the President was too busy golfing or biking to stop the earthquake. Hey, if he can stop earthquakes, why can’t he golf and bike at the same time?

Update: Great earthquake tweets.

Update: Stunning photos of earthquake damage! Oh, the humanity …

Update: Spotted on Facebook — this afternoon Republican congressional leaders announced that the Virginia seismic region will be renamed “Obama’s Fault.”

Stuff to Read

Juan Cole’s most recent post on Libya. So far, so good. He thinks the new government will reject NATO bases, which is not surprising. He also thinks China will be frozen out of new oil investments in Libya. Heh.

Alexander Keyssar, “The Real Grand Bargain, Coming Undone.” Interesting —

In the presidential election of 1912, 75 percent of the vote went to candidates who called themselves “progressive” or “socialist.”

Republicans are going all out trying to pin a $4 trillion national debt on President Obama. But see this nice graphic I picked up at Steve Benen’s place:

Anything else?

Update: The artist who painted (warning — if you’re at work, turn your volume off before clicking) this painting sent me a nice letter asking if I wanted to buy a print. Gee, what should I say?

Has Michele Bachmann peaked? I’ve been thinking the same thing.

A Brit has to explain to other Brits that not all Americans are crazy.