Tweet Madness

I actually have a Twitter page, but I pay no attention to it. My blog posts automatically get fed through it. I get a notification now and then that somebody is following me (which sounds a bit sinister). Otherwise I really don’t “get” Twitter culture.

Anyway, today William Jacobson, the hyper-partisan gadfly who writes the blog Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion, has found proof of sexism among progressives in their tweets. Referring to what even I think is a stupid non-story that Sarah Palin was caught with speech “crib notes” written in her hand, some persons identified as “progressives” had fun tweeting about Palin’s “hand job.”

Some blog posts are linked also, although I never noticed that TMZ was “progressive.” I thought it was just a celebrity news site. And the Daily Kos entry linked was written by a woman. Further, I question whether a comment is necessarily “sexist” just because it links sex to a woman. Sometimes such comments are just cheap and juvenile.

I mean, there’s a whole website dedicated to Tiger Woods jokes; is that sexist? Or racist (and, if so, which race)?

Even Little Lulu has a post up about the crib notes titled “Hand Jive,” which I understand to be a euphemism for “hand job.” So while I’d say the comment is a bit sexist, it’s a borderline case of sexism.

However, if you want to see real sexism in tweet form, check out Erick Erickson’s “ugly feminists return to their kitchens” remark. Now, that’s sexist.