Nibbled to Death by Ducks

Surfing around this morning, looking for something to blog about, finding a big pile o’ nothin’.

Recently the President suggested that during tough times, people shouldn’t “blow a bunch of cash in Vegas.” This has been blown up into a scandal. The White House had to issue a statement that the President supports the tourism industry.

Righties are still outraged that the “Underpants Bomber” was read Miranda rights, even after it was revealed the “Shoe Bomber” of 2001 also was read Miranda rights. William Jacobson argues that “Bush did it too” doesn’t make something correct, and for once I agree with him. But this is only a “scandal” because to righties the only way to handle an accused terrorist is to torture him, preferable on video. However, by all accounts the Underwear Bomber is providing actionable intelligence.

We learn that Gov. Mark Sanford didn’t break his marriage vows, because he had the “faithfulness” clause removed when he got married.

Senator Chris Dodd says the President’s new plans to rein in Wall Street are “too grand.” Dear Senator Dodd: STFU.

The health care reform bill is still stalled, and Francisco Franco is still dead.