This Way to the Egress

P.T. Barnum used to post signs in his New York “museum” that said “This way to the egress.” People who didn’t know “egress” means “exit” were tricked into exiting. But sometimes the freak show gets too freaky. So — don’t click on this link. You’re better off with the egress. Or, read this commentery by Thers that describes the specimen behind the link.

More signs and wonders — thousands of people demonstrated in Copenhagen, demanding that the climate change conference actually accomplish something that might slow global warming. Of course, in WingnutWorld this is explained away as “astroturf.” John at Power Tools has brilliantly concluded the protests must be the products of astroturf, because so many protesters were carrying identical printed signs.

Note the identical, professionally printed, color-coordinated yellow and black signs. This is what Astroturf–fake grass roots–looks like. The signs use the same colors as the International ANSWER signs that are ubiquitous at far-left rallies here in the U.S., but carry no identifier. It would be interesting to know who paid for the signs, and whether the same organization that bought the signs also paid for the demonstrators.

By the Big Tool’s logic, the 1963 civil rights march on Washington was astroturf:

Here’s a close up view of some of the signs:

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

“This is what Astroturf–fake grass roots–looks like,” says the Tool. They are carrying identical printed signs. Apparently people who are capable of organizing themselves for a cause cannot find their way to a print shop. Only corporate sponsors can print signs. Makes you wonder who paid for the signs back in 1963, and if the same organization that bought the signs also paid the demonstrators. Because you know a lot of highly motivated African American persons would not have demonstrated for civil rights in 1963 unless they were paid, according to the Tool.

As for International ANSWER — I have no use for ANSWER, which is no more a grassroots organization than I’m Brad Pitt. Sometimes they do carry yellow signs with black print, and sometimes they carry signs that are other colors. But if carrying yellow signs with black print is proof one is part of the International Communist Conspiracy (ANSWER actually is, which seems to me to be proof that one needn’t be much worried about it any more), then one wonders what this crew is up to.

In another exhibit of the Stupid Museum — the American Un-thinker wonders about rich people like Michael Moore and George Soros. “How can someone preach socialism while being the most rapacious “capitalist” imaginable?” he asks.

It’s simple, genius. Moore and Soros are not socialists, and they do not preach socialism. Oh, and this way to the egress.

Update: Just to show that not everyone protesting climate change in Copenhagen is a Communist — here are a couple of protesters dressed as Republicans.