It’s a Mess

There are times when messes are so messy I don’t even want to know about them. This is one of those times.

Paul Krugman: “Reform or Else.”

Karen Tumulty: “Where Did Health Care Reform Go?

In a nutshell — health reform legislation is being gutted of the most critical cost control measures by “centrist” legislators who complain the cost control measures are too costly. So the aspects of the bill that make it fiscally responsible are being removed in the name of fiscal responsibility. At the same time, Republicans who for years have badmouthed Medicare and sworn to dismantle it are scaring seniors by telling them the health care bill would ruin Medicare.

One other peeve, sorta kinda related — as you know, most of the American public is perpetually soaked in right-wing propaganda, to the point that a factual and logical discussion of any issue in national media is just about impossible. Often polls come out with figures saying a majority of Americans believe X, “X” being a right-wing generated falsehood relentlessly promoted by corporate and special interests, rightie media and “think” tanks. Then this poll number is held up triumphantly by the Right as “proof” of the truth of X, when it really is nothing but a measure of the effectiveness of rightie propaganda campaigns. Recent examples:

Americans Skeptical of Science Behind Global Warming

Poll shows desire for tort reform in health care package

Joint us again tomorrow for another episode of “The Decline and Fall of America.”

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