Moonlight, Magnolias and Whackjobs

Can’t we just give these people an island and let them move away?

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Win One for Ted

The Right did its best to whip up fake outrage over the way Democrats conducted themselves at Senator Edward Kennedy’s funeral. Allahpundit attempted a creative conflation of the Graeme Frost fake outrage campaign with the Paul Wellstone fake outrage campaign and came up with a post bristling with fake outrage that one of the senator’s grandsons said a prayer at the funeral that mentioned health care.

I didn’t watch the funeral and can’t find a transcript of the prayer, so I don’t personally know what the grandson said. However, I find myself unable to work up much outrage that we, the living, would be asked to carry on the Senator’s life’s work.

Since the etiquette of expressing “win one for the Gipper”-type sentiments (ah-HEM) at funerals seems to be in question, let me go on record as saying that I want my funeral to be a rally for whatever cause I’m caught up in when I’m done. Not that I expect a big turnout, but anyone who does show up should be wearing the proper message T-shirt and be prepared to donate money to the Cause. Instead of a eulogy, I want people to discuss an action plan. Then just dump my ashes in a nice flower bed somewhere and go out to fight the good fight. You could do me no greater honor.

And if we want to talk about child exploitation, look no further than this kid.

My sense of the thing is that most of the country is ignoring the fake outrage this time. Most folks are either noting the end of an era, or not, but the fact that speakers at the Senator’s funeral urged people to carry on his work doesn’t seem to be bothering anyone but the wingnuts.

Allahpundit also asked, “I’m unfamiliar with the sermon where Jesus called for Caesar to create a public fund to heal the sick. Can any Bible aficionados help?” I’d rather know where Jesus taught us to shut our eyes to suffering if there’s no way private industry can make a profit from it.

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