Teh Stupid, It Burns

David Brooks has a column in the New York Times today in which the Keyboarding Cabbage waxes philosophical about President Bush’s genius in ordering the surge, which as you know has accomplished its main goal of enabling the forging of a stable and sustainable government in Baghdad.

Oh, wait

So Brooks is stupid enough. but then I tripped over this rightie blogger who says (emphasis added) —

New York Times columnist David Brooks admits: Bush was right:

[long quote from Brooks column in which Brooks states his, and only his, opinion]

It is becoming obvious even to many on the left that the Iraq surge has worked.

I think the assumption is that because Brooks writes for the New York Times, he must be representative of “the left.” But Brooks is as much “on the left” as I’m Brad Pitt. And does that mean Bill Kristol is “on the left,” too? If it does, I’m outtahere.

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