A Historic Evening, Brief Live Blog

I’m listening to Hillary Clinton speak, and she’s still arguing that she’s the stronger candidate and she got the most votes. Lies, but she’s in a groove.

She’s also implying that she’s the candidate of American values. Gag.

She says she’s committed to uniting the party.

She’s been fighting for a better health care system for 16 years, she says. Her followers cheer this. They don’t seem to notice that she failed.

She’s making no decisions tonight. No concession.

She wants her groupies to go to her web site and beg her to keep fighting. Best interest of her party, my ass.

Keith Olbermann points out that the venue of Senator Clinton’s speech has no television monitors or blackberry service and the people there might not know that some networks have already declared Obama the nominee.

[On to the Obama speech.]

“I will be the Democratic nominee for the President of the United States of America.” Nice.

Did you listen? Rousing speech. I’ve been writing all day and am pretty much keyboarded out, but do leave comments.

Is the End in Sight?

[Update: Associated Press — Obama clinches the nomination.]

There is much speculation that by this time tomorrow Barack Obama will have enough delegates to claim the Dem nomination. There is also much speculation that Hillary Clinton will, finally, concede the race and support Barack Obama.

Regarding the latter: I’m not holding my breath.

Ben Smith writes that Clinton aides are rallying donors and telling them the fight isn’t over until August. Senator Clinton’s behavior in recent weeks has been so toxic there’s no way she publicly can support Obama without revealing herself to be an utterly cynical hypocrite. Some of her supporters are whipped up into such a frenzy of Obamaphobia they’re likely to turn against Clinton if she endorses him.

Of course, it’s possible the Clintons are still rallying donors because they want to reduce the $20 million or so debt they owe the campaign and will have to pay back out of their own pockets.

Josh Orton argues that Clinton will bow out gracefully. “I don’t think Clinton will divide the party further,” he writes. “As hard as it must be to concede that she lost a huge upset to a young up-start, I believe she’s more than capable of putting the party and country ahead of self-interest.” I’ll believe it when I see it.

On the other hand, Thomas Edsall says Clinton wants Obama’s help in raising the $20 million. Maybe there’s a deal in the works.

I’ll be reasonably satisfied if Senator Clinton suspends her campaign without conceding. What’s important now is to re-focus news media on the Obama-McCain contest rather than the Obama-Clinton contest.

Predictions? Will she concede?

Update: Noonish, there are news stories saying Clinton will concede when Obama gets the number of delegates he needs to win the nomination. Other news stories say she won’t.