More on the Clinton Health Care Plan

Ian Welsh see pros and possible cons. Ezra Klein compares the Clinton and Edwards plans.

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The Constitution Needs Your Help

See Christy Hardin Smith for instructions.

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This incident is already being used to slam John Kerry and us lefties generally. Here’s the video:

This video shows just the arrest and tasering part more clearly:

I don’t see that Kerry was at fault here. The student was not really asking questions, as news stories claim, but issuing a diatribe. One might assume six police officers could have handled one guy without tasering him, however.

People like this student sometimes do show up at panel discussions and other public events and try to take over. I don’t think it’s acceptable to allow one person to hijack a program. However, is there a way this situation could have been defused without involving police? I might told him he had X minutes to finish his speech and allow Kerry to respond. It’s standard procedure at events like these to announce ground rules about not hogging the microphone before taking questions.

Of course, it’s possible this student would have refused to stop talking after X minutes. Then what?

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