Persia delenda est*

As you may know — unless you rely on the corporate media for your news, of course — yesterday the U.S. Senate unanimously declared that Iran was committing acts of war against the United States: a 97-0 vote to give George W. Bush a clear and unmistakable casus belli for attacking Iran whenever Dick Cheney tells him to.

Read all about it.

* Persia must be destroyed. A take-off on Carthago delenda est, Carthage must be destroyed.

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4 thoughts on “Persia delenda est*

  1. I think that, by now, George doesn’t really care if Congress approves of what he wants. Still, it’s an odd vote. Perhaps it’s reverse-psychology – Spencer Ackerman at TPM mentions a threat to veto any bill in which Congress tells him what to do on Iran.

  2. Fine, let us let our “Salt-of-the-Earth” Republicans salt the remaining plain’s of the world.
    “As Yea reap, so shall you sow…”
    Salted plains yield the same result’s as the neo-con idea’s – NOTHING!

  3. It’s just game playing..Bush has so fucked up in Iraq that he can’t do anything about Iran. Maybe he could lob a couple of missiles into Iran, but it would only serve to create more hatred worldwide for the United States. I’m surprised Syria wasn’t cited also…we need everybody we can find to blame for Bush’s failure.

  4. Swami,
    I love ya, but, as you acknowledge, lobbing a few missiles into Iran is the very worst thing that could happen.
    And don’t think Puppet-master Cheney isn’t about ready to pull George’s string’s on that subject. Uncle Dick will tell him that the world will thank him for his Chuchillian mastery of the Middle East. Cheney’s hubris, stupidity, arrogance, and incompetence can only be matched by his complete corruption and greed.
    Beside’s, they’ll hope it’ll make us all forget the messes in Afganistan and Iraq if we were to lob a few nuke’s into Iran.

    We need children to take over from the “adult’s” put in office by the Supreme Court in 2000.

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