Testing, Testing

This is a test, first of all, to see if I remember how to do a post [as I am going to try to back up moonbat in the next few days while Maha is gone]. I think when I do a more substantive post, I’d like to address the question of ‘praiseworthy Republicans’. Where and who are they nowadays? Praiseworthy Republicans seem to be, um, increasingly scarce, but perhaps there are readers who have some stories that fit this topic.

4 thoughts on “Testing, Testing

  1. If you’re talking about a praise-worthy Republican politician, is there such an animal? There probably are praise-worthy Republicans, somewhere, but once they step into the political arena and become, naturally, politicians there’s a problem. If he’s praiseworthy he can’t also be a politician.

    I’ve often thought that the very qualities that insure a person’s rise to power in today’s political world, like President, are the very qualities that will make him a bad president.

  2. How about Guiliani?.. If we can put aside his adulterous escapades,his shady deals, and his fondness for wives, we can see he is deserving of praise for the fine job he did in keeping NYC from collapsing into chaos after 9/11. That’s why they call him America’s mayor. He also got rid of the squeegee men..that in its self is praiseworthy.

  3. Swami, I know you’re kidding. Right?

    I heard Sen. Snowe of Maine bite some sound on NPR this morning (July 11). She plans to vote with the Dems to start bringing troops home in 120 days. I don’t know much else about her, except that she’s been vociferously skeptical of Bush’s War for quite some tme now. That earns a couple of “she’s a human” points from me.

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