Litle Lulu Lala

The Right Blogosphere is about to blow a fuse over tonight’s Countdown on MSNBC. A guest of Olbermann’s made a connection between the more, um, rhetorically aggressive righties like Coulter and Malkin and Chad Conrad Castagana, alleged to have sent threatening emails and white powder to various leftie icons (like Olbermann). See David Neiwert for background.

I’m sure someone will post a clip. Too juicy.

See also these fine blogs — Michelle Malkin Is an Idiot; Sadly, No.

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13 thoughts on “Litle Lulu Lala

  1. I was very impressed with that fellow from Radar Online, John Cook; on the strength of his presence during this segment I’m adding him to my blogroll.

  2. How come no-one was ever arrested for the original anthrax attacks in the aftermath of 9/11? Remeber how anthrax (the real thing, high-quality, weaponized) was being sent to liberals and media figures. If it wasn’t a conservative doing the dirty deeds, I’m the queen of China.

  3. I may have to go lurking to see if they are having to choke on thier beers.
    One thing I did notice is: Notice how the really extreem AWMs are usually in thier 30s or 40s and still live with thier parents. Totally abject failures in life?
    Just an observation

  4. I’m curious…as this man has stated that he idolizes Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, what have been their responses to this…are they publicly condemning his terrorist actions?

  5. are they publicly condemning his terrorist actions?

    Not that I’ve seen. If anyone finds out otherwise, let me know.

  6. are they publicly condemning his terrorist actions??

    Nope…they are doing what they always do….kill the messenger…Olbermann is the terroist.

  7. There will always be a fringe element that believes it’s acceptable to use violence to spread their beliefs — we have them on the left too (eco-terrorists … PETA … ). We have to be careful that we don’t talk about limiting Coulter’s first ammendment rights just because some whacko might take her at her word and put into action the ludicrous ideas she puts forth.

  8. I can’t get close to the writings of Malkin or her fans without retching, so I’ll stay away from the source. One thing that’s clear: every time a lone nutjob (“unemployed,” duh!) goes off the deep end into criminality, it exposes a thousand more who egged him on.

  9. we have them on the left too (eco-terrorists … PETA … )

    Yes, but when was the last time a spokesperson for eco-terrorism got featured guest shots on national television talk shows and were taken seriously as “pundits”?

    We have to be careful that we don’t talk about limiting Coulter’s first ammendment rights just because some whacko might take her at her word and put into action the ludicrous ideas she puts forth.

    I agree. She can say and write whatever she likes. The issue for me is how an inflammatory crackpot like Coulter is able to command so much media time and attention, however. She’s entertaining in a freak-show kind of way, but that doesn’t explain her frequent appearances on political talk shows that are supposed to be (but aren’t, I know) serious forums for serious discussion.

    I know Malkin shows up on Faux Nooz frequently, but since I never watch Faux Nooz I manage to miss her. Coulter is all over the place, however.

  10. I agree, Coulter, Malkin, et al have a right to say what they want. However, it is irresponsible for the MSM to treat them with the respect that they do, if they are going to incite/condone this type of terrorism…and that is what it is…people who threaten the lives of those that disagree with them are terrorists (and way unAmerican, too…sadly, ironically, they don’t recognize that fact about themselves…).

  11. Did someone say anthrax?
    Man, I’d LOVE to hear a reporter ask Bush how the anthrax investigation is going. In my little mind I’ve resolved that the anthrax attack was an inside job. Just who the “insider” is I don’t know. Was the “insider” the “decider”? “Inquiring” minds want to know. At the time of the attacks, I was working in Boca Raton, very near the office of the National Enquirer, I was staying at the same hotel chain Mohammed Atta stayed at just prior to the 9/11 attacks, so I was concerned that perhaps someone spread anthrax spores around the hotel. This was before my “revelation”.
    Was the anthrax attack a false flag operation? A psy-op, co-op?
    Somebody got the goods from a military installation, which means that either it was from the inside, or an outsider got in ( to a highly secured installation) The anthrax question should be answered, but most Americans just yawn when it is mentioned.
    The anthrax attack was important to “nudge” Americans to get behind attacking Iraq. Our psyche was on the threshold after 9/11, anthrax kicked our asses over it.Ain’t it funny how “librals” keep getting white powder in the mail?

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